Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Gerald Monter Receives Recognition for His Work

Many people showcase their achievements for others to see. It may be a test paper magnetized to the fridge door, a diploma framed on the wall, or trophies stacked in a glass showcase. No matter what manner the recognition, people display it proudly. Gerald Monter understands the pride that accompanies every recognition. However, with six decades of work recognition, Gerald Monter no longer displays each of his achievements.

Gerald Monter created his real estate development company, The Holiday Organization, in 1951.  He received so many business accolades, plaques, and honors that he started storing them many years ago. He continues to be honored when he receives them, but with recognition from over 50 organizations, he has little room do display them all. Gerald Monter’s most recent accolades include the Long Island Builder’s Institute Hamlet Estates at St. James Clubhouse 2008, Long Island Builder’s Institute Hall of Fame 2009, and the Shawn Elliot Luxury Fall 2011 Featured Builder Award.

One recent recognition received by Gerald Monter came in 2003. His company was ranked 43rd out of the 100 top private companies on Long Island. The other personal awards he received were from the Long Island Builders Association. He received awards for advertising, sales, and site development. While these are all wonderful, they are not what he takes the greatest pride in.

As a successful business owner, Gerald Monter is able to leave his greatest legacy not in honors but through his donation work. In 2006, he donated $17 million to create the Monter Cancer Center on Long Island. The creation and donation of the cancer center is what Gerald Monter is most proud of. His donation helps provide the latest in oncology treatment to hundreds of people suffering from cancer. It is a health problem that Gerald Monter is keen on preventing and treating. Having his family name reflected in the name of the cancer center is for Gerald Monter, the greatest recognition he could have ever received for his life's work.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Gerald Monter: Member of Two Professional Organizations

Gerald Monter understands that people look at the credibility of a business before forming a partnership or committing to a business contract. For that reason, many businesses seek out affiliations with recognizable business or join state or national associations. Gerald Monter joined two professional organizations himself as founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Holiday Organization.

Gerald Monter founded his company in 1951. The company is a real estate development business located in New York. While the majority of their development projects are residential, Gerald Monter has developed property and leased office buildings. Gerald Monter develops property primarily in New York and Florida but some projects have taken place in Pennsylvania.

To grow his company and demonstrate its trustworthiness, Gerald Monter joined two organizations in 1957. For nearly six decades, Gerald Monter has been an active member of the Long Island Builders Institute. Included in his long history with the organization is his past position as President and Honoree of the institution. 

Gerald Monter also joined the National Association of Home Builders. He joined the national organization in 1957. Just like the Long Island Builders Institute, Gerald Monter played a leadership role. He is a Life Director of the association. His membership keeps him informed on all the new developments within the home building industry. He uses his knowledge to help provide others with insight into the industry and direct his business with information he learns from others.
Gerald Monter continues to work hard growing his company. He received so many honors and accolades for his business that he run out of walls to display them on! The most recent honor presented to Gerald Monter for his company came in 2003. The Holiday Organization was ranked 43 out of the top 100 private companies on Long Island.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Gerald Monter Created Successful Business

Many people believe that creating your own business is hard. For some people it is hit or miss. Some people create a successful business on their first try while others may have a couple failed businesses before they have one that continues to grow. There are many factors that depend on the success of the business. Some factors behind success are debatable but Gerald Monter knows that his personal business is well-established and community recognized. 

Gerald Monter may no longer consider himself an entrepreneur, but he created his business in 1951, after switching his career from teaching. He created The Holiday Organization which is a family-owned real estate development company based in New York. His development projects range from New York to Florida and are primarily residential.  The company was originally called Holiday Park Inc, but the name changed when the company expanded to also building apartments, office buildings, and shopping centers. In the course of building properties, there are different corporations/names used for each and every property built.

Over the years, Gerald Monter developed residential buildings like single-family homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings. Even though it is a family-owned business, Gerald Monter's company has already developed over 8,000 residential buildings some of which are in gated communities. He does develop and lease office building as well.
Gerald Monter does admit that his business has made him a wealthy man. However, Gerald Monter did not horde his wealth. With six decades as a business owner, Gerald Monter made sure to give to others through generous donations. In 2006, he opened the Monter Cancer Center on Long Island. The cancer center was a $17 million donation for treating patients with cancer. It is a cause that 

Gerald Monter feels very passionate about.

Gerald Monter used his extra time and money to help other organizations. He donates and serves other organizations like the Gurwin Jewish Geriatric Center, the American Cancer Society, and the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health Care System. As a supporter of the performing arts, Gerald Monter is a fundraiser and board member of the Tilles Center for Performing Arts.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Gerald Monter Donated Cancer Center

Many successful people leave a legacy behind them. Gerald Monter wanted to be a part of that noble tradition when he gifted the Monter Cancer Center on Long Island. Gerald Monter put a lot of thought into where he wanted to create his cancer center and as a real estate developer, he decided that Long Island was the perfect location.

Gerald Monter has always been a generous donator. Throughout his many years as a working professional he's donated to a number of charities and programs including a performing arts program connected with Long Island University. It was his charitable spirit that lead Gerald Monter to help people suffering from the physical and emotional strains of cancer. 

Gerald Monter participates in different organizations all dedicated to helping cancer patients. He is a board member and fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. In his 29 years of work with the organization, Gerald Monter served two terms as its Chairman of the Board.
The Monter Cancer Center opened in March 2006, and was named in honor of the Monter Family Foundation. Gerald Monter's center was a $17 million creation with different cancer services ranging from nutrition counseling to a bone marrow-stem cell transplant program. Gerald Monter wanted the cancer center to provide the top oncology care. In order to best serve patients the center has social work and support services, over thirty private chemotherapy treatment bays, 23 examination rooms, and a conference room with teleconferencing abilities. 

Millions of people suffer from cancer. How people react to it differs but that doesn't mean they don't deserve the best care possible. Gerald Monter knows the Monter Cancer Center will be his longest lasting legacy other than his family-owned business. Donating the cancer center was Gerald Monter's greatest way to help people in his local community.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Gerald Monter Generously Donates

You cannot live for so many decades running your own successful business without finding one or two noble causes to support. Gerald Monter is the founder and CEO of The Holiday Organization begun over six decades ago. Gerald Monter lived the "American Dream" when he created his own real estate developing company in 1951, in New York after changing his profession from teaching. Gerald Monter is the founder and CEO of The Holiday Organization, which he created in 1951 to develop real estate properties. It was originally called Holiday Park Inc, but the name changed when the company expanded to also building apartments, office buildings, and shopping centers. In the course of building properties, there are different corporations/names used for each and every property built.

When Gerald Monter set out as an entrepreneur he hoped his company would grow in success. Through lots of work, luck, and sleepless nights Gerald Monter watched his company develop over 8,000 residential buildings as well as some commercial buildings. His company's success meant that Gerald Monter grew to be a self-created wealthy man. 

Gerald Monter celebrated his success but also knew that the money he made could also be used to benefit others less fortunate than him. With a caring heart, he gave generously to many different charities and organizations within his local area and nationally. Two of the longest programs he's supported are the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health Care System and the American Cancer Society.

Cancer hits at different age levels. It is nearly impossible to find anyone who hasn't known someone to struggle with or pass away from cancer. That is why Gerald Monter supports multiple cancer organizations. Gerald Monter took his charity work a step further and donated the Monter Cancer Center located on Long Island. The center opened in March of 2006 and was an extremely generous $17 million to create. 

Gerald Monter wanted the facility to offer the best care in a comfortable environment. The facility has indoor gardens and skylights, social work and support services, nutrition counseling and a patient education center, and physician offices and a high-tech conference room with teleconferencing abilities. The center provides patients with the latest in oncology treatment all thanks to Gerald Monter.